Centering Pregnancy

“Group Prenatal” Care

Thursdays 1-3pm

EarlyON Centre – 250A Peel Street, Collingwood

What is Centering Pregnancy?

Centering Pregnancy is a model of group prenatal care. Midwives, in collaboration with family physicians and obstetricians, facilitate the sessions.  Group prenatal care is a way to have education, support and your routine prenatal assessments all in one place.  Discussions are done together as a group and your routine prenatal assessments are done in a private space.

You will continue to have most of your routine appointments with your care provider, however we will provide group sessions during specific times in your pregnancy - at 14-16 weeks, 24-28 weeks and 32-34 weeks.  We will also offer a group visit 2-6 weeks after your baby is born.

What are the risks?

        There are no associated risks with attending group prenatal sessions.

What are the benefits?

The evidence shows that women & families enjoy group prenatal care and feel as though “they got more than they realize they needed”. There is more time to ask questions about your pregnancy, to learn from your care providers, and to meet other women who are at a similar stage in pregnancy.  

Why should I try this?

We are care providers working together in collaboration to deliver the best care to you, our patient.  We want you to feel supported and empowered in your pregnancy! We are here to help.

But do I have to?

You can continue to choose to have your regularly scheduled appointments with your individual care provider.


Thursday January 9th, 2020: 30-36 weeks

Thursday January 16th, 2020: Group Postpartum

Thursday January 23rd, 2020: 24-28 weeks

Thursday January 30th, 2020: Group Postpartum

The Healthy Babies, Happy Families Clinic is a collaborative partnership between midwives and the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.

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